Chowka Bara

Chowka Bara builds energy

Little is known by way of factual history of the popular game of Chowka Bara. However, the game is known to be played across India in various names and forms. There is plenty of evidence to infer that the game originated somewhere within India and spread all over the country over hundreds of years. Chowka Bara is very popular even today in many parts of Karnataka. Chowka Bara builds energy, strategic thinking, family bonding.

The game is known by several names including Chowka Bara, Katte Mane, Gatta Mane, Chakka, Ashta Chamma, Daayum, Pakidakali, Chomal Ishto, Kavidi Kali, Kach kangri, Changa po, Cheeta.

Cultural continuity

Chowka Bara has been found etched on temple courtyards. According to folklore, Village elders used to congregate in the temples during the evenings and played Chowka Bara. According to some ethno-archaeological studies, these practices form a continuum since the prehistoric rock art practiced during the Stone Age in several parts of Karnataka.

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As mentioned at the beginning, the purpose of the creation of cupules on the rock surface is still enigmatic, but obviously varied in view of their variety, number and mode. However, there appears to be a clue for understanding one of the possible purposes of the cupules implied at a few sites such as Belaghatta, Hampi, Bhimanagundu. Ambigara Kataginahalli, Hiregudda, Tenkasi (Tamil Nadu), Ajmer and Morajhari (Rajasthan), etc. (Kumar 1999, 2005; Boivin 2004). During the explorations the author has observed some popular religious practices relevant to the present study.

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Traditionally Chowka Bara has been played in homes by drawing 5×5, 7×7, 9×9 or 11×11 squares board on the floor using chalk or on sand.

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