We are a reseller and would like to list your products in our catalog. How do we do that?

We can definitely explore tie ups with resellers. Please do talk to us – [email protected] or WA +918088932576.

We are a business and would like to stock your products. How can we do that?

We are open to working with businesses like yours. Please do talk to us – [email protected] or WA +918088932576.

We’re looking for bulk procurement of board games as memento at our family function/party. Can we add some personalisation to the sets?

Definitely. Please talk to us about your idea. We too have certain ideas which might be enticing.

We’re looking for bulk procurement of board games for Deepavali/New year/etc. Can we get co-branded pieces?

Yes. We can help with co-branding the products. Talk to us at [email protected] or Whatsapp (+918088932576)

Do you offer a warranty/guarantee for the products?

Currently, we do not offer any warranty or guarantee for the products.

I’ve lost a couple of pawns/dice/cowrie shells. Can I buy them as spares?

Yes. While we do not have them listed separately for now, you can reach out to us on Whatsapp (+918088932576) to enquire about the same.

How do you recommend that I store the game set?

The game set comes in a bright red coloured tin box, which shall help you store the game set securely for years together. Please use the tin box solely for storing the game set. Mixing additional items may spoil the mat or cause discolouring of the pawns.

What are some maintenance tips for the wooden pawns and dice?

Most of our pawns are coloured using lacquer. Hence the color won’t peel off easily. However, please do take care not to abuse the pawns by frequently dropping it or mixing it with sharp and rough objects.

What are some maintenance tips for the silk mat?

When not in use, please keep the silk mat always inside the tin box which has been provided. The silk mat can be dry-cleaned. Ironing the silk mat before playing shall definitely help keep the pawns stable while playing.

How much time will it take for the refund to get processed?

Depends on the processor. The refund can take anywhere between 5-10 days.

If I return the product, will I get the full amount I paid refunded?

We deduct the shipping charges for the return or if you pay for the shipping, we refund the amount in full.

I received the package. But I decided that I would rather get an alternative game instead of this. Can I get this exchanged?

Yes. But within 10 days of receiving the product.

The board game set I have received is damaged. How do I get a replacement?

Please talk to us on Whatsapp (+918088932576). We’ll ensure that you get the exchange at the earliest. However, board game set getting damaged either while packing or in transit is a very rare occurrence for us and should not happen in most probability.

I have received the product and I do not like it. Can I return?

Yes. But within 10 days of receiving the product.

How do I get the tracking code for my shipment?

For orders made directly on the website, we update the tracking code which shall be available as part of the status check. We also share the same over whatsapp with your consent.

How do you ensure the board game does not get damaged in transit?

We wrap the board game set using a couple of layers of bubble wrap. For long distance shipments we add a strip or two of foam. So far we have not received any complaint of shipments getting damaged in transit.

Can you use my preferred shipping provider?

We understand not all shipping providers cover all areas satisfactorily. Please do leave a comment when you order about your preferred shipping provider. We can definitely consider based on the pricing feasibility.

Is shipping included in your final price?

No. We charge shipping extra. However, we have occasional offers in which we do not charge for shipping.

Do you ship outside India?

Not yet. We are working on enabling this.

I am a business buyer. Can I claim GST input credit on my bills?


Apart from your website, from where else can I buy your products?

We are currently available on Amazon, Flipkart, BoredGameCompany, Swadeshi eCom

Do you give out coupon codes if I want to buy?

Yes. We announce offers and discounts occasionally, which we publish all over our social media presence. Please do follow us on your favourite social media channel to receive discount coupons.

Sometimes, buying your product on an e-commerce website is cheaper than buying on your website. How so?

We strive to provide discounts and offers across the channels we are available on. However, some platforms tend to provide extra offers leveraging other third-party tieups.

I do not trust online/e-commerce websites. I want to feel the product before buying. How can I?

As of now, you can visit us in Bangalore or Mysore on an appointment basis if you want to feel and experience the board games. Please whatsapp us on +918088932576 to setup some time.

I have not received all the components of the board game. What should I do?

This should not happen as we ensure all our games have been inspected before packing. However, if this happens, do intimate us with your order details. We shall ensure those missing parts reach you at the earliest.

Do you have live chat/support for raising quality related issues?

You can reach out to us on Whatsapp (+918088932576). However, we might not be able to have a realtime conversation at the moment.

How do I provide feedback regarding your product’s quality?

Please send us a mail – [email protected] or Whatsapp us on +918088932576

Do you own your board game manufacturing facilities?

No. We do not own any of the game manufacturing facilities.
We work very closely and directly with our partners located across India on setting quality expectations and meeting them.

What steps do you take to ensure the board game product’s quality?

We go through each and every part of each board game when we pack the sets. We ensure that, once packed, the set is not disturbed or opened for display.