Aadu Huli Puli Judam (Levels 3 & 4)


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Aadu Huli Pulijudam

Aadu Huli Pulijudam

Ages: 5yrs +

  • 2 sets of soft and fine silk mat with dimensions 12 * 12 inches. Level3 game and Level4 game.
  • Game is embroidered with silk thread
  • Handcrafted pawns with Vegetable dye colors(Lacquer) from Channapattana
  • Yellow pawn is of height 1.25 inch and 0.5inch diameter.¬† Four pieces of Pineapple yellow pawns.
  • Black pawn is of height 0.75 inch and 0.25inch diameter.¬† Twenty pieces of black pawns.
  • A small bag to pack the pawns
  • A play instruction¬† document
  • 6*6*2 inch Tin Box to package all the above
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