Chowka Bara 9 House


The 9 House Chowka Bara is part of a limited edition series exclusively produced by Roll the Dice. While the 5 and 7 Houses Chowka Bara are more popular and are preferred by thousands of enthusiasts across the world, the 9 House and 11 House Chowka Bara is loved by connoisseurs of the game.

Playing the 9 House Chowka Bara is guaranteed to create unlimited fun and exhilarating times for the players and audience alike.

Buy your set of Chowka Bara 9 House game right away and unpack loads of fun every time.


9 House Chowka Bara Board Game Set

Chowka Bara or Ashta Chamma is one of the best indoor games played across India. Keeps the whole family engaged and entertained for hours together. Uses kavade (cowrie shells) as dice. Though a game of chance, players will be tested on their patience, thinking, planning abilities. Known to build memories when played with family members (especially grand parents) and friends.

Chowka Bara 9 House

9 House Chowka Bara game set

Roll the Dice’s 9 House Chowka Bara mat is exclusively designed and embroidered on a superior quality silk cloth backed by a strong maintenance free cloth. The pawns are exquisitely hand crafted in the famous toy town of Channapatna by experienced artisans. It hopefully adds more excitement to players enthusiasm and energy.

The whole set comes packed in a bright strawberry red tin box that will help keep the game for ever and ever.

Chowka Bara Game set


  • Red color silk mat with outer dimensions 17”x17”.
  • Game blocks are embroidered with white color silk thread
  • Handcrafted pawns coated in lacquer made by traditional artisans at Channapattana.
  • 8 x 4 color pawns – 1 cm height, 0.5cm dia. (Colors: Orange, Bright Red, Pineapple Yellow, Basil Green)
  • Set of eight white cowrie shells and eight black cowrie shells (kavade)
  • How to play instruction card
  • Bright Red colored Tin Box (6”x8”x2”) to help store the set.

Chowka Bara is also known by several names across the country – Chowka Bara, Katte Mane, Ashta Chamma, Gatta Mane, Chakka, Pakidakali, Daayum, Kavidi Kali, Kach kangri, Changa po, Cheeta

Do you know?

In South Karnataka, players use the following phrases while playing Chowka Bara

Use these to make the play more exciting

itta-mane-chith” – an opponent player has to call out/shout “itta-mane-chith”  quickly when a pawn is placed in a particular square. Then the player can not revert or change her move if this is called out, else they can modify their play. Useful when player has missed using some advantageous moves.

muttidd-kai-chith” – Opponent player has to call out/shout “muttidd-kai-chith” quickly as soon as a pawn is lifted, so that player has no other option, but to move the same pawn. The player might have lost a chance for a good move.

moor naak shyam / moor ent shyam” – If a player throws four or eight consecutively then the opponent player can call out/shout “moor ent shyam or moor naak shyam”. If the opponent calls out first, then the numbers are nullified for the player. If a player calls out first then she can use all the 4s or 8s she has rolled.

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